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Hardcode icons for default plasma components

Unfortunately are components free to choose their unique component name any way
they like, that means we have no chance to reasonably map a KService/icon to a
component if its identifier is chosen badly. For presentation purposes we can
at least hardcode some icons for components that are active in a default plasma
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......@@ -113,7 +113,23 @@ Component ShortcutsModel::loadComponent(const QList<KGlobalShortcutInfo> &info)
const QString type = service && service->isApplication() ? i18n("Applications") : i18n("System Services");
const QString icon = service && !service->icon().isEmpty() ? service->icon() : componentUnique;
QString icon;
static const QHash<QString, QString> hardCodedIcons = {
{"ActivityManager", "preferences-desktop-activities"},
{"KDE Keyboard Layout Switcher", "input-keyboard"},
{"krunner.desktop", "krunner"},
{"org_kde_powerdevil", "preferences-system-power-management"}
if(service && !service->icon().isEmpty()) {
icon = service->icon();
} else if (hardCodedIcons.contains(componentUnique)) {
icon = hardCodedIcons[componentUnique];
} else {
icon = componentUnique;
Component c{componentUnique, componentFriendly, type, icon, QVector<Shortcut>(), false, false};
for (const auto &action : info) {
const QString &actionUnique = action.uniqueName();
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