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Commit efd4c22b authored by Harald Sitter's avatar Harald Sitter 🌼

don't set a user if there is no user

it doesn't have technical downsides but ends up creating urls of the type


which is technically equal to scheme://host/path, so the excess @ is really
just not necessary. simply check if the username is empty and if so
do not set a username on the QUrl

Test Plan:
- no useless @
- setting up fish connection with and without username still works (without defaults to local username)

Reviewers: broulik

Reviewed By: broulik

Subscribers: plasma-devel

Tags: #plasma

Differential Revision:
parent 53255b78
......@@ -201,7 +201,10 @@ bool KNetAttach::validateCurrentPage()
const QString trimmedUser = _user->text().trimmed();
if (!trimmedUser.isEmpty()) {
QString path = _path->text().trimmed();
#ifndef Q_WS_WIN
// could a relative path really be made absolute by simply prepending a '/' ?
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