Commit f39e8ff1 authored by David Faure's avatar David Faure

Repair stat() reimplementation

This is a partial revert of d8a80784

It fixes `konqueror fonts:/`, because this calls KIO::stat() which ends
up calling the SlaveBase::stat() reimplementation in the kioslave.
You can't rename that :-)

parent e21b9eae
......@@ -500,7 +500,7 @@ void CKioFonts::del(const QUrl &url, bool isFile)
error(KIO::ERR_DOES_NOT_EXIST, url.toDisplayString());
void CKioFonts::statFont(const QUrl &url)
void CKioFonts::stat(const QUrl &url)
KFI_DBUG << url;
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ class CKioFonts : public KIO::SlaveBase
void del(const QUrl &url, bool isFile) override;
void copy(const QUrl &src, const QUrl &dest, int mode, KIO::JobFlags flags) override;
void rename(const QUrl &src, const QUrl &dest, KIO::JobFlags flags) override;
void statFont(const QUrl &url);
void stat(const QUrl &url) override;
void special(const QByteArray &a) override;
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