Commit 1f4ccf54 authored by Andreas Hartmetz's avatar Andreas Hartmetz
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Fix spurious assertion failure

I have a wacky device here for which smartctl gives the error:
"/dev/sda: Unknown USB bridge [0x0781:0x5591 (0x100)]"

This returned JSON data is missing some expected entries, which
seems to give an invalid parsing result. In that case, skip it
*before* checking for any consistency with further expectations.
parent f51003f3
......@@ -76,16 +76,16 @@ void SMARTMonitor::onSMARTCtlFinished(const QString &devicePath, const QJsonDocu
SMARTData data(document);
if (!devicePath.endsWith(QStringLiteral(".json"))) { // simulation data
Q_ASSERT(devicePath == data.m_device);
if (!data.m_valid) {
qCDebug(KDED) << "Invalid SMART data; skipping" << devicePath;
if (!devicePath.endsWith(QStringLiteral(".json"))) { // simulation data
Q_ASSERT(devicePath == data.m_device);
auto existingIt = std::find_if(m_devices.begin(), m_devices.end(), [&device](Device *existing) {
return *existing == *device;
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