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don't notify on instabilities

this feature was added with the intent to see whether it would raise too
many false positives. unfortunately that didn't turn up during beta
testing but since release many people found this confusing. let's
disable it for 5.22+ again until we can create a better solution.

the instabilities are still shown in the UI. they are not notified on

CCBUG: 438539

(cherry picked from commit 6dc6cbc3)
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......@@ -84,9 +84,10 @@ void SMARTNotifier::onMaybeFailed()
void SMARTNotifier::maybeFailed(const Device *device)
// We notify on instabilities in the hopes that there won't be false positives.
// Might need revisiting.
if ((!device->failed() && device->instabilities().isEmpty()) || device->ignore()) {
// NB: do not notify on instabilities in 5.22 it's shown to raise false positives or at least be annoying when
// failure seems unlikely. fixing it properly requires larger changes to the UI and strings
if ((!device->failed() /*&& device->instabilities().isEmpty()*/) || device->ignore()) {
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