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      report smartctl failure codes to the user · 3d10fed3
      Harald Sitter authored
      as it turns out there are a number of issues that do not result in an
      actually bad SMART status and would not get reported to the user. to
      keep the code lean we'll simply look at the exit code bits of smartctl
      as they more or less cover all failure scenarios anyway. we'll then
      translate those to pretty strings and expose them on the Device objects
      for consumption in the qml KCM as "instabilities". they are set visually
      apart from actual bad status through different icon and description
      because it's hard to say if an instability is in fact indicative of
      imminent hard-failure or merely a hiccup (e.g. power loss during a disk
      BUG: 429804
      FIXED-in: 5.22