Unverified Commit 46c8b2a2 authored by Luca Beltrame's avatar Luca Beltrame
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Revert "Using Qt5Core rather than Qt5Widget for the version check"

Build system changes can be potentially breaking and so must be reviewed
prior to commit. In addition, there is no explanation for this change.

Simon, you might want to submit your patches to Phabricator for review
prior to landing them.

CCMAIL: sdepiets@gmail.com

This reverts commit 831db7ed.
parent 4392ad58
......@@ -70,11 +70,11 @@ find_path(Qt5ThemeSupport_INCLUDE_DIR
if (Qt5ThemeSupport_INCLUDE_DIR)
set(Qt5ThemeSupport_VERSION ${Qt5Core_VERSION})
set(Qt5ThemeSupport_VERSION ${Qt5Widgets_VERSION})
# Use pkg-config to get the directories and then use these values
# in the FIND_PATH() and FIND_LIBRARY() calls
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