Commit 1e083f88 authored by Heiko Becker's avatar Heiko Becker 🎸

Fix faulty merge

plasma-integration is not a framework and it actually requires 5.33.0
because of KFileWidget::setSelectedUrl.
parent 86be8d49
......@@ -24,8 +24,7 @@ include(KDECMakeSettings)
find_package(Qt5 ${REQUIRED_QT_VERSION} CONFIG REQUIRED Widgets DBus X11Extras)
set(KF5_VERSION "5.18.0") # handled by release scripts
set(KF5_DEP_VERSION "5.17.0") # handled by release scripts
set(KF5_DEP_VERSION "5.33.0")
find_package(KF5Config ${KF5_DEP_VERSION} REQUIRED)
find_package(KF5ConfigWidgets ${KF5_DEP_VERSION} REQUIRED)
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