Commit 857ee264 authored by David Edmundson's avatar David Edmundson
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Use same default for all places StartDragTime is loaded

On startup we call:

m_hints[QPlatformTheme::StartDragTime] = readConfigValue(cg,
QStringLiteral("StartDragTime"), 500);

on reload we call int startDragTime = cg.readEntry("StartDragTime", 10);

if the startup time isn't set, then if a reload is triggered then it is
reset to a bogus value.

Long term this clearly needs porting to KConfigXT

BUG: 421450
parent ba201a7c
......@@ -404,7 +404,7 @@ void KHintsSettings::updateQtSettings(KConfigGroup &cg)
int startDragDistance = cg.readEntry("StartDragDist", 10);
m_hints[QPlatformTheme::StartDragDistance] = startDragDistance;
int startDragTime = cg.readEntry("StartDragTime", 10);
int startDragTime = cg.readEntry("StartDragTime", 500);
m_hints[QPlatformTheme::StartDragTime] = startDragTime;
m_hints[QPlatformTheme::ItemViewActivateItemOnSingleClick] = cg.readEntry("SingleClick", true);
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