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Update to direct to kdesrc-build

Inspired by my most recent attempt to develop for this specific module. I used the build instructions and ended up soft-bricking my desktop. This was resolved with a little debugging and foresight, however it may be better to point to the KDE developer kdesrc-build best practices guide.

The bug in question was using `sudo make install` (final step in, which installed:


on Manjaro Linux. However this is not the correct path and caused `systemsettings5` to not recognize or register/load the `` UI or list the module in the CLI. The solution was to delete this file and then reinstall `plasma-nm`.
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......@@ -23,6 +23,13 @@ Optional dependencies:
**Recommended method**
The best way to develop for KDE is to use [kdesrc-build](, a KDE supported tool chain to manage installation and compilation of KDE applications and dependencies. Please refer to the following guide when developing, building, and testing `plasma-nm`:
**Expert method (quick and dirty)**
:warning: **The following method is for experienced developers. developers should use the above mentioned recommmended method when developing for KDE. This expert method will install files on your system that may not align with your specific OS best practices and may cause issues.** :warning:
mkdir build
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