Commit 8f37efe9 authored by Aaron Barany's avatar Aaron Barany
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Forward opeconnect usergroup

Forward the usergroup for openconnect (provided by the URL path) to the
NetworkManager service by incorporating it in NM_OPENCONNECT_KEY_GATEWAY.
This ensures that the VPN session in the NetworkManager service uses the
same usergroup as provided with the gateway when the initial connection
was made through the UI.

BUG: 435561
parent fa1d779e
......@@ -383,7 +383,13 @@ QVariantMap OpenconnectAuthWidget::setting() const
QString host(openconnect_get_hostname(d->vpninfo));
const QString port = QString::number(openconnect_get_port(d->vpninfo));
secrets.insert(QLatin1String(NM_OPENCONNECT_KEY_GATEWAY), host + ':' + port);
QString gateway = host + ':' + port;
const char* urlpath = openconnect_get_urlpath(d->vpninfo);
if (urlpath) {
gateway += '/';
gateway += urlpath;
secrets.insert(QLatin1String(NM_OPENCONNECT_KEY_GATEWAY), gateway);
secrets.insert(QLatin1String(NM_OPENCONNECT_KEY_COOKIE), QLatin1String(openconnect_get_cookie(d->vpninfo)));
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