Commit 4bf85a7e authored by Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham 💤 Committed by Jan Grulich
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Improve wording of authentication dialog messages

The old strings were phrased a bit awkwardly and can be re-phrased and
shortened with no loss of meaning.
parent dc3cdf4a
......@@ -110,9 +110,9 @@ void PasswordDialog::initializeUi()
Setting::SettingType connectionType = setting->type();
if (wifi && (connectionType == Setting::WirelessSecurity || connectionType == Setting::Security8021x)) {
const QString ssid = QString::fromUtf8(wifi->ssid());
m_ui->labelText->setText(i18n("For accessing the wireless network %1 you need to provide a password below:", ssid));
m_ui->labelText->setText(i18n("Provide the password for the wireless network '%1':", ssid));
} else {
m_ui->labelText->setText(i18n("Please provide the password for activating connection %1:", m_connectionSettings->id()));
m_ui->labelText->setText(i18n("Provide the password for the connection '%1':", m_connectionSettings->id()));
QString connectionLabel;
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ void PasswordDialog::initializeUi()
QVBoxLayout *layout = new QVBoxLayout();
m_ui->labelText->setText(i18n("For accessing the vpn connection %1 you need to provide secrets below:", m_connectionSettings->id()));
m_ui->labelText->setText(i18n("Provide the secrets for the VPN connection '%1':", m_connectionSettings->id()));
setWindowTitle(i18n("VPN secrets (%1) dialog", shortName));
// Hide generic password field and OK button in case of openconnect dialog
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