Verified Commit 6e4c6462 authored by Carl Schwan's avatar Carl Schwan 🚴🏻

Fix: hardcoded echoMode in PasswordField

Use echoMode from Kirigami.PasswordField (allow toggle)

Test Plan: qmlscene mobile/wifi/package/contents/ui/PasswordField.qml
parent 8c3300ad
......@@ -24,7 +24,6 @@ import org.kde.plasma.networkmanagement 0.2 as PlasmaNM
Kirigami.PasswordField {
property int securityType
echoMode: TextInput.Password
placeholderText: i18n("Password...")
validator: RegExpValidator {
regExp: if (securityType == PlasmaNM.Enums.StaticWep) {
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