Commit 911d84dc authored by Jan Grulich's avatar Jan Grulich

Do not duplicate hidden wireless networks

parent 4a985a04
......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@
#include <ModemManagerQt/modem.h>
#include <NetworkManagerQt/Settings>
#include <NetworkManagerQt/Utils>
NetworkModel::NetworkModel(QObject* parent)
: QAbstractListModel(parent)
......@@ -411,6 +412,30 @@ void NetworkModel::addWirelessNetwork(const NetworkManager::WirelessNetwork::Ptr
// BUG: 386342
// When creating a new hidden wireless network and attempting to connect to it, NM then later reports that AccessPoint appeared, but
// it doesn't know its SSID from some reason, this also makes Wireless device to advertise a new available connection, which we later
// attempt to merge with an AP, based on its SSID, but it doesn't find any, because we have AP with empty SSID. After this we get another
// AccessPoint appeared signal, this time we know SSID, but we don't attempt any merging, because it's usually the other way around, thus
// we need to attempt to merge it here with a connection we guess it's related to this new AP
Q_FOREACH (NetworkModelItem * item, m_list.returnItems(NetworkItemsList::Type, NetworkManager::ConnectionSettings::Wireless)) {
if (item->itemType() == NetworkModelItem::AvailableConnection) {
NetworkManager::ConnectionSettings::Ptr connectionSettings = NetworkManager::findConnection(item->connectionPath())->settings();
if (connectionSettings && connectionSettings->connectionType() == NetworkManager::ConnectionSettings::Wireless) {
NetworkManager::WirelessSetting::Ptr wirelessSetting = connectionSettings->setting(NetworkManager::Setting::Wireless).dynamicCast<NetworkManager::WirelessSetting>();
if (QString::fromUtf8(wirelessSetting->ssid()) == network->ssid()) {
const QString bssid = NetworkManager::macAddressAsString(wirelessSetting->bssid());
const QString restrictedHw = NetworkManager::macAddressAsString(wirelessSetting->macAddress());
if ((bssid.isEmpty() || bssid == network->referenceAccessPoint()->hardwareAddress()) &&
(restrictedHw.isEmpty() || restrictedHw == device->hardwareAddress())) {
updateFromWirelessNetwork(item, network, device);
NetworkManager::WirelessSetting::NetworkMode mode = NetworkManager::WirelessSetting::Infrastructure;
NetworkManager::WirelessSecurityType securityType = NetworkManager::UnknownSecurity;
NetworkManager::AccessPoint::Ptr ap = network->referenceAccessPoint();
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