Commit c62ff795 authored by Uri Simchoni's avatar Uri Simchoni
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openvpn: avoid enabling TCP if the remote has been set on another line

We take the first 'remote' line as the connection's remote. If a
different 'remote' line specifies the use of TCP, that should not
pertain to the line that was chosen.
parent 2030d8b6
......@@ -363,6 +363,9 @@ NMVariantMapMap OpenVpnUiPlugin::importConnectionSettings(const QString &fileNam
if (key_value[0] == REMOTE_TAG) {
if (have_remote) {
if (key_value.count() >= 2 && key_value.count() <= 4) {
QString remote = key_value[1];
if (remote.startsWith(QLatin1Char('\'')) || remote.startsWith(QLatin1Char('"'))) {
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