Commit 0308d1fd authored by Devin Lin's avatar Devin Lin 🎨
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Use rounded edges for drawer

parent 392ed46c
......@@ -19,22 +19,34 @@
import QtQuick 2.6
import QtQuick.Layouts 1.4
import QtQuick.Controls 2.4 as QQC2
import QtGraphicalEffects 1.0
import org.kde.plasma.plasmoid 2.0
import org.kde.plasma.core 2.0 as PlasmaCore
QQC2.Control {
id: root
leftPadding: background.margins.left
rightPadding: background.margins.right
bottomPadding: background.margins.bottom
leftPadding: units.largeSpacing
topPadding: units.largeSpacing
rightPadding: units.largeSpacing
bottomPadding: units.largeSpacing
background: PlasmaCore.FrameSvgItem {
imagePath: "widgets/background"
// This MouseArea just prevents the Control from eating pure touch event (breaking flickables)
background: Item {
MouseArea {
anchors.fill: parent
Rectangle {
id: container
color: Qt.rgba(PlasmaCore.ColorScope.backgroundColor.r, PlasmaCore.ColorScope.backgroundColor.g, PlasmaCore.ColorScope.backgroundColor.b, 0.85)
anchors {
fill: parent
leftMargin: units.smallSpacing
rightMargin: units.smallSpacing
topMargin: units.smallSpacing
bottomMargin: units.smallSpacing
radius: units.smallSpacing
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