Commit 5a9aa3c4 authored by Marco Martin's avatar Marco Martin

delaying the loading of the sliding panel seems to avoid some crashes

parent 28f98ce3
......@@ -31,9 +31,18 @@ PlasmaCore.ColorScope {
height: 480
colorGroup: PlasmaCore.Theme.ComplementaryColorGroup
TaskSwitcher {
id: taskSwitcher
property QtObject taskSwitcher: taskSwitcherLoader.item ? taskSwitcherLoader.item : null
Loader {
id: taskSwitcherLoader
//FIXME: why it crashes on startup if TaskSwitcher is loaded immediately?
Timer {
running: true
interval: 200
onTriggered: taskSwitcherLoader.source = Qt.resolvedUrl("TaskSwitcher.qml")
MouseArea {
id: mainMouseArea
anchors.fill: parent
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