Commit dce7d9f4 authored by Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham 💤
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[applet] Improve presentation and consistency for vault items

This MR includes the following UI improvements:
- Use more familiar and appropriate lock/unlock style icons for the
  default action instead of mount/unmount
- Change action verbs to "lock"/"unlock" to match the icon and
  reinforce the security angle
- Conditionally change text of "open with file manager" action to
  reflect the vault's locked/unlocked status
- Use consistent Title Case for action items
parent fe39ee49
......@@ -37,8 +37,8 @@ PlasmaExtras.ExpandableListItem {
subtitle: model.message
defaultActionButtonAction: Action { model.isOpened ? "media-eject" : "media-mount"
text: model.isOpened ? i18nd("plasmavault-kde", "Close vault") : i18nd("plasmavault-kde", "Open vault") model.isOpened ? "lock" : "unlock"
text: model.isOpened ? i18nd("plasmavault-kde", "Lock Vault") : i18nd("plasmavault-kde", "Unlock Vault")
onTriggered: {
......@@ -48,12 +48,12 @@ PlasmaExtras.ExpandableListItem {
contextualActionsModel: [
Action { "system-file-manager"
text: i18nd("plasmavault-kde", "Open with File Manager")
text: model.isOpened ? i18nd("plasmavault-kde", "Show in File Manager") : i18nd("plasmavault-kde", "Unlock and Show in File Manager")
onTriggered: vaultsModelActions.openInFileManager(model.device);
Action { "window-close"
text: i18nd("plasmavault-kde", "Forcefully close")
text: i18nd("plasmavault-kde", "Forcefully Lock Vault")
onTriggered: vaultsModelActions.forceClose(model.device);
enabled: model.isOpened
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