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    [AppStream Runner] Also search when there were errors during Pool::load · 0ec3f768
    Stefan Brüns authored
    The return code of the Pool::load() method is somewhat misleading, as it
    returns true only if there were no errors at all. The error flag is set on the first
    validation error, but the pool will contain meaningful data nevertheless.
    BUG: 397531
    Test Plan:
    Searching for "blend"
    Unfixed version:
    No results are returned under "Software Center"
    Fixed version:
    Software Center: "Get Blender", "Get Hugin", ...
    Reviewers: #plasma, #frameworks, apol
    Reviewed By: apol
    Subscribers: ngraham, plasma-devel
    Tags: #plasma
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D14807