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    [Shell Corona] Work around popup dismissal bug on Wayland · 6689abaf
    Vlad Zahorodnii authored
    A popup needs to grab the keyboard and the pointer in order to dismiss
    itself when another window is clicked. It works perfectly on X11.
    On Wayland though, the compositor is responsible for dismissing popups
    if some surface of another application has been clicked. Note that I
    said "of another application." If user clicks some surface of the same
    application, the compositor won't dismiss the popup.
    If the application uses only QtWidgets, then the popup will be closed
    as expected in both cases. But if the application uses both Qt Quick and
    Qt Widgets, e.g. plasmashell, then the popup won't be dismissed if a
    QQuickItem has been clicked.
    It is a Qt bug, but for the time being, this change introduces an event
    filter that monitors Qt::MouseButtonPress events and when needed closes
    the active popup widget. This is a workaround.
    CCBUG: 379635
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