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    [applets/icon] Handle non-Applications URLs again · 87b56206
    Nate Graham authored
    In the past, this applet naively passed the URL to KRun when clicked on
    or something was dragged on top of it. However during porting away from
    KRun, it was ported to KIO::ApplicationLauncherJob, which only handles
    applications, not other types of URLs.
    This commit fixes that by making it use KIO::OpenURLJob (which can
    handle applications as well as arbitrary URLs) when it's clicked on. We
    also short-circuit the application-specific logic when something is
    dragged on it and it's not an application, which allows the
    non-application logic to be reached.
    BUG: 427797
    FIXED-IN: 5.20.3
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