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    Begin porting to PlasmaComponents3 · f55b00fe
    Nate Graham authored
    This begins the process of porting plasma-workspace to PlasmaComponents3. At
    this point, only the relatively easy work is done. Every file not ported
    now has been given the reason for still using PC2 in a comment on the import
    line so you can see at a glance what the blocker is by running
    `grep -r "org.kde.plasma.components 2.0"` in the repo.
    Everything is tested and there are no breakages or functional regressions. In
    the process, a few unused imports are removed.
    Here are the remaining PC3 omissions blocking what's left from getting easily
    - No Highlight
    - No ListItem
    - No PageStack
    - No ContextMenu
    - No QueryDialog
    - No ModelContextMenu
    - TabBar has no left and right tab states
    - ToolButton has no built-in method to show a menu when clicked
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