Commit 0e3b502c authored by Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham
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[wallpapers/image] Improve comments

That way hopefully these functions won't get accidentally removed in the
parent b16eee88
......@@ -35,16 +35,20 @@ QQC2.StackView {
readonly property bool blur: wallpaper.configuration.Blur
readonly property size sourceSize: Qt.size(root.width * Screen.devicePixelRatio, root.height * Screen.devicePixelRatio)
//public API, the C++ part will look for those
// Ppublic API functions accessible from C++:
// e.g. used by WallpaperInterface for drag and drop
function setUrl(url) {
wallpaper.configuration.Image = url
// e.g. used by slideshow wallpaper plugin
function action_next() {
// e.g. used by slideshow wallpaper plugin
function action_open() {
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