Commit 10aa6382 authored by Konrad Materka's avatar Konrad Materka Committed by Nate Graham
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applets/systemtray: Follow panel opacity

The system tray doesn't follow the panel opacity (it's always
transparent even when the setting is set to opaque or dynamic
with a maximised window present)

BUG: 439025
FIXED-IN: 5.23.5
(cherry picked from commit a221d230)
parent 3e0227ab
......@@ -210,6 +210,7 @@ MouseArea {
location: plasmoid.location
hideOnWindowDeactivate: !
visible: systemTrayState.expanded
backgroundHints: (plasmoid.containmentDisplayHints & PlasmaCore.Types.DesktopFullyCovered) ? PlasmaCore.Dialog.SolidBackground : PlasmaCore.Dialog.StandardBackground
onVisibleChanged: {
systemTrayState.expanded = visible
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