Commit 1f074d68 authored by Albert Astals Cid's avatar Albert Astals Cid

Fix issues in translation control module

Fixes two problems:
 * Variants not being shown up, i.e. ca ca@valencia showing up both as "català"
 * pt showing up as "português do Brasil"

For the first one i've went the easy route of adding the languageCode if there's an @ in it
For pt i had to hardcode it since i found no other way to make Qt understand that for "pt" we mean portuguese from portugal

REVIEW: 124885
BUGS: 345761
BUGS: 347956
parent b4cd6993
......@@ -242,9 +242,23 @@ void KCMTranslations::initTranslations()
if (!m_kcmTranslations.contains(languageCode)) {
QListWidgetItem *listItem = new QListWidgetItem(m_ui->m_selectTranslations->availableListWidget());
// TODO This gives the name in the language itself, not in current language, need new QLocale api for that
QString label = QLocale(languageCode).nativeLanguageName();
const QLocale l(languageCode);
QString label = l.nativeLanguageName();
if (label.isEmpty()) {
label = languageCode;
} else if (languageCode.contains("@")) {
label = i18nc("%1 is language name, %2 is language code name", "%1 (%2)", label, languageCode);
} else if ( != languageCode) {
if (m_installedTranslations.contains( {
// KDE languageCode got translated by QLocale to a locale code we also have on the list
// Currently only this happens with pt that gets trasnated to pt_BR
if (languageCode == QLatin1String("pt")) {
label = QLocale("pt_PT").nativeLanguageName();
} else {
qWarning() << "Language code morphed into another existing language code, please report" << languageCode <<;
label = i18nc("%1 is language name, %2 is language code name", "%1 (%2)", label, languageCode);
listItem->setData(Qt::UserRole, languageCode);
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