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shell: disconnect old `accentColorChanged` signal when primary screen is changed

Otherwise there will be many redundant signal bindings.

(cherry picked from commit 7761926a)
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......@@ -785,7 +785,8 @@ void ShellCorona::primaryScreenChanged(QScreen *oldPrimary, QScreen *newPrimary)
// refresh the accent color signal binding
connect(m_desktopViewForScreen[m_screenPool->primaryScreen()], &DesktopView::accentColorChanged, this, &ShellCorona::colorChanged);
disconnect(m_desktopViewForScreen.value(oldPrimary), &DesktopView::accentColorChanged, this, &ShellCorona::colorChanged);
connect(m_desktopViewForScreen.value(newPrimary), &DesktopView::accentColorChanged, this, &ShellCorona::colorChanged);
#ifndef NDEBUG
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