Commit 32f798f7 authored by Derek Christ's avatar Derek Christ Committed by Nate Graham
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Prevent fractional positioning in systray HiddenItemsView

Fix a visual glitch that caused the icons and highlight of the items in
the HiddenItemsView of the systray to be blurry. This commit fixes this
by preventing the items from being positioned in a non-integer position.

(cherry picked from commit 674de6f5)
parent a760ec98
......@@ -49,13 +49,15 @@ MouseArea {
readonly property int rows: 4
readonly property int columns: 4
cellWidth: hiddenTasks.width / hiddenTasks.columns
cellHeight: hiddenTasks.height / hiddenTasks.rows
cellWidth: Math.floor(hiddenTasks.width / hiddenTasks.columns)
cellHeight: Math.floor(hiddenTasks.height / hiddenTasks.rows)
currentIndex: -1
highlight: PlasmaComponents.Highlight {}
highlightMoveDuration: 0
pixelAligned: true
readonly property int itemCount: model.count
model: PlasmaCore.SortFilterModel {
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