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Move correct indices in the manual sort map when getting a move() call for group children

Due to not passing `parent` to QAIM::index(), we were moving top-level
indices in the map instead. This meant the sort map would become out of
sync with the row move, and to the user it would look like both the
group children and unrelated top-level entries moved.

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Tags: #plasma

Differential Revision:
parent a8b71fe5
......@@ -1631,10 +1631,10 @@ bool TasksModel::move(int row, int newPos, const QModelIndex &parent)
beginMoveRows(parent, row, row, parent, (newPos > row) ? newPos + 1 : newPos);
// Translate to sort map indices.
const QModelIndex &groupingRowIndex = mapToSource(index(row, 0));
const QModelIndex &groupingRowIndex = mapToSource(index(row, 0, parent));
const QModelIndex &preFilterRowIndex = d->preFilterIndex(groupingRowIndex);
row = d->sortedPreFilterRows.indexOf(preFilterRowIndex.row());
newPos = d->sortedPreFilterRows.indexOf(d->preFilterIndex(mapToSource(index(newPos, 0))).row());
newPos = d->sortedPreFilterRows.indexOf(d->preFilterIndex(mapToSource(index(newPos, 0, parent))).row());
// Update sort mapping.
d->sortedPreFilterRows.move(row, newPos);
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