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PanelView: Clarify docs about length & thickness

Length turned out to be not what it claimed to be, which caused a bug to
sneak into the panel configuration's ruler handles.

See also: plasma-desktop!1059
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......@@ -44,12 +44,16 @@ class PanelView : public PlasmaQuick::ContainmentView
Q_PROPERTY(int offset READ offset WRITE setOffset NOTIFY offsetChanged)
* height of horizontal panels, width of vertical panels
* Height of horizontal panels or width of vertical panels, set by the user.
Q_PROPERTY(int thickness READ thickness WRITE setThickness NOTIFY thicknessChanged)
* width of horizontal panels, height of vertical panels
* Preferred (natural) width of horizontal panels or height of vertical
* panels, given its current thickness and content. When the panel is
* constrained by other factors such as minimumLength, maximumLength or
* screen size, its reported length may differ from an actual width or
* height.
Q_PROPERTY(int length READ length WRITE setLength NOTIFY lengthChanged)
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