Commit 4e149631 authored by Jan Blackquill's avatar Jan Blackquill 🌈
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[applets/systemtray]: Flip back button icon in RtL

The back button needs to be reversed in order to make spatial sense in languages written right to left.

BUG: 431861
parent d6438a01
......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ Item {
PlasmaComponents.ToolButton {
id: backButton
visible: systemTrayState.activeApplet && systemTrayState.activeApplet.expanded && (hiddenItemsView.itemCount > 0) "go-previous" LayoutMirroring.enabled ? "go-previous-symbolic-rtl" : "go-previous-symbolic"
onClicked: systemTrayState.setActiveApplet(null)
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