Commit 52d5acab authored by Tomaz  Canabrava's avatar Tomaz Canabrava
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Use Qt Locale Format to format the time on the clock

parent 1e8168ad
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ Item {
Plasmoid.preferredRepresentation: Plasmoid.compactRepresentation
Plasmoid.toolTipMainText: Qt.formatDate(["Local"]["DateTime"],"dddd")
Plasmoid.toolTipSubText: Qt.formatTime(["Local"]["DateTime"], "hh:mm") + "\n" +
Plasmoid.toolTipSubText: Qt.formatTime(["Local"]["DateTime"], Qt.locale().timeFormat(Locale.LongFormat)) + "\n" +
Qt.formatDate(["Local"]["DateTime"], Qt.locale().dateFormat(Locale.LongFormat).replace(/(^dddd.?\s)|(,?\sdddd$)/, ""))
PlasmaCore.DataSource {
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