Verified Commit 5e4baddd authored by Felipe Kinoshita's avatar Felipe Kinoshita 🌎
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Change Klipper Popup text to be more Friendly

parent 952d70c5
......@@ -69,8 +69,8 @@ kdbgstream &operator<<(kdbgstream &stream, const QKeyEvent &e)
KlipperPopup::KlipperPopup(History *history)
: m_dirty(true)
, m_textForEmptyHistory(i18n("<empty clipboard>"))
, m_textForNoMatch(i18n("<no matches>"))
, m_textForEmptyHistory(i18n("Clipboard is empty"))
, m_textForNoMatch(i18n("No matches"))
, m_history(history)
, m_helpMenu(nullptr)
, m_popupProxy(nullptr)
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