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Fix qml error: Unknown method parameter type: KCM_RegionAndLang::SettingType

Right now click on default doesn't change anything have emit a type
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......@@ -55,6 +55,7 @@ KCMRegionAndLang::KCMRegionAndLang(QObject *parent, const KPluginMetaData &data,
qmlRegisterAnonymousType<SelectedLanguageModel>("kcmregionandlang", 1);
qmlRegisterType<LocaleListModel>("kcmregionandlang", 1, 0, "LocaleListModel");
qmlRegisterType<LanguageListModel>("kcmregionandlang", 1, 0, "LanguageListModel");
qmlRegisterUncreatableMetaObject(KCM_RegionAndLang::staticMetaObject, "kcmregionandlang", 1, 0, "SettingType", "Error: SettingType is an enum");
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