Commit 67003f74 authored by Henri Chain's avatar Henri Chain 🛰
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fix BUG 438222

parent f17fce78
......@@ -56,8 +56,11 @@ public:
QVector<WId> windows;
// key=parent, values=transient children
QMultiHash<WId, WId> transients;
QMultiHash<WId, WId> transientsDemandingAttention;
QHash<WId, KWindowInfo *> windowInfoCache;
QHash<WId, AppData> appDataCache;
QHash<WId, QRect> delegateGeometries;
......@@ -314,9 +317,8 @@ void XWindowTasksModel::Private::transientChanged(WId window, NET::Properties pr
void XWindowTasksModel::Private::windowChanged(WId window, NET::Properties properties, NET::Properties2 properties2)
if (transients.contains(window)) {
if (transients.values().contains(window)) {
transientChanged(window, properties, properties2);
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