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Change wording in Night Light KCM to reflect scientific consensus

Until there's conclusive science that color temperature affects eye strain,
KDE should not make any such claims.

There is no scientific evidence that blue light from computer monitors has
anything to do with eye strain or sleep patterns. This is folklore based on
some faulty research from decades ago that somehow made it into the mainstream.

Color temperature ends up being just a matter of personal preference. Actual
studies  using lenses showed that blocking blue light did not help people who
suffer from eye strain at all (a TL;DR of many studies is this:

Some other links, digested for popular science:
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"KPlugin": {
"Description": "Adjust color temperature to reduce eye strain",
"Description[ar]": "يضبط درجة حرارة اللون لتقليل إجهاد العين",
"Description": "Adjust color temperature based on time",
"Description[bg]": "Регулиране на цветната температура, за да се намали напрежението в очите",
"Description[ca@valencia]": "Ajusta la temperatura del color per a reduir la tensió ocular",
"Description[ca]": "Ajusta la temperatura del color per reduir la tensió ocular",
......@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@ KCM.SimpleKCM {
Layout.alignment: Qt.AlignHCenter
Layout.maximumWidth: Math.round(root.width - (Kirigami.Units.gridUnit * 2))
text: i18n("The blue light filter makes the colors on the screen warmer to reduce eye strain.")
text: i18n("The blue light filter makes the colors on the screen warmer.")
wrapMode: Text.WordWrap
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