Commit 76088e21 authored by Fabian Vogt's avatar Fabian Vogt
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startplasma-wayland: Fix XKB variable setup

When this was ported to C++, it missed the actual variable assignments.
parent 61259401
......@@ -53,10 +53,10 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv)
qputenv(var, r.toUtf8());
queryAndSet("X11MODEL", QStringLiteral("X11Model"));
queryAndSet("X11LAYOUT", QStringLiteral("X11Layout"));
queryAndSet("X11VARIANT", QStringLiteral("X11Variant"));
queryAndSet("X11OPTIONS", QStringLiteral("X11Options"));
queryAndSet("XKB_DEFAULT_MODEL", QStringLiteral("X11Model"));
queryAndSet("XKB_DEFAULT_LAYOUT", QStringLiteral("X11Layout"));
queryAndSet("XKB_DEFAULT_VARIANT", QStringLiteral("X11Variant"));
queryAndSet("XKB_DEFAULT_OPTIONS", QStringLiteral("X11Options"));
} else {
qWarning() << "not a reply org.freedesktop.locale1" << resultMessage;
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