Commit 82996c4f authored by Xaver Hugl's avatar Xaver Hugl
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Make sure panels are created on the correct screen

BUG: 408060
parent d8e0071f
......@@ -1902,11 +1902,16 @@ Plasma::Containment *ShellCorona::addPanel(const QString &plugin)
return nullptr;
// find out what screen this panel should go on
QScreen *wantedScreen = QGuiApplication::screenAt(QCursor::pos());
QList<Plasma::Types::Location> availableLocations;
availableLocations << Plasma::Types::LeftEdge << Plasma::Types::TopEdge << Plasma::Types::RightEdge << Plasma::Types::BottomEdge;
for (auto it = m_panelViews.constBegin(); it != m_panelViews.constEnd(); ++it) {
if ((*it)->screenToFollow() == wantedScreen) {
Plasma::Types::Location loc;
......@@ -1929,22 +1934,11 @@ Plasma::Containment *ShellCorona::addPanel(const QString &plugin)
m_waitingPanels << panel;
//not creating the panel view yet in order to have the same code path
//between the first and subsequent plasma starts. we want to have the panel appearing only when its layout is completed, to not have
//many visible relayouts. otherwise we had even panel resizes at startup that
//made al lthe full representations be loaded.
const QPoint cursorPos(QCursor::pos());
const auto screens = QGuiApplication::screens();
for (QScreen *screen : screens) {
//m_panelViews.contains(panel) == false iff addPanel is executed in a startup script
auto panelView = m_panelViews.value(panel);
if (panelView && screen->geometry().contains(cursorPos)) {
// immediately create the panel here so that we have access to the panel view
return panel;
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