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wallpapers/image: Multiply devicePixelRatio for targetSize

This fixes that "Open Containing Folder" highlights the image with a wrong resolution
in a package.
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......@@ -47,10 +47,10 @@ ColumnLayout {
id: imageWallpaper
targetSize: {
if (typeof plasmoid !== "undefined") {
return Qt.size(Plasmoid.width, Plasmoid.height)
return Qt.size(Plasmoid.width * Screen.devicePixelRatio, Plasmoid.height * Screen.devicePixelRatio)
// Lock screen configuration case
return Qt.size(Screen.width, Screen.height)
return Qt.size(Screen.width * Screen.devicePixelRatio, Screen.height * Screen.devicePixelRatio)
onSlidePathsChanged: cfg_SlidePaths = slidePaths
onUncheckedSlidesChanged: cfg_UncheckedSlides = uncheckedSlides
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