Commit 87f06d81 authored by Natalie Clarius's avatar Natalie Clarius Committed by Nate Graham
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runners/baloo: Add missing category "text" to file search results

The baloo runner plugin was missing the category "Text" in the matches, which
caused many files to be inaccessible from KRunner even though they are indexed
and relevant. This change fixes the missing results and correctly finds all
relevant files. 

(cherry picked from commit bd397f89)
parent ab86bd37
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......@@ -90,6 +90,7 @@ RemoteMatches SearchRunner::Match(const QString &searchTerm)
matches << matchInternal(searchTerm, QStringLiteral("Folder"), i18n("Folder"), foundUrls);
matches << matchInternal(searchTerm, QStringLiteral("Document"), i18n("Document"), foundUrls);
matches << matchInternal(searchTerm, QStringLiteral("Archive"), i18n("Archive"), foundUrls);
matches << matchInternal(searchTerm, QStringLiteral("Text"), i18n("Text"), foundUrls);
return matches;
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