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applets/batterymonitor: Communicate that charging limits are approximate

Kernel developers have said that charge limits are approximate, not
exact[1]. As a result, if for example you have a charge limit of 80%,
your battery might actually stop charging anywhere between 78-82%. But
if we only list the charge limit itself, it looks to users like a KDE
bug when the battery stops charging at any number other than that limit.

To alleviate that, this commit adjusts the text to indicate that the
charge limit is appropximate.

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......@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@ RowLayout {
readonly property bool pluggedIn:["AC Adapter"] !== undefined &&["AC Adapter"]["Plugged in"]
visible: pluggedIn && typeof chargeStopThreshold === "number" && chargeStopThreshold > 0 && chargeStopThreshold < 100
iconSource: "kt-speed-limits" // FIXME good icon
text: i18n("Your battery is configured to only charge up to %1%.", chargeStopThreshold || 0)
text: i18n("Battery is configured to charge up to approximately %1%.", chargeStopThreshold || 0)
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