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set setInteractiveAuthorizationAllowed on SetPassword call

is important that the setpasswod call uses interactive authorization,
otherwise will be denied, unless the user had been modified beforehand
so an authorization was already granted

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......@@ -225,9 +225,14 @@ void User::setPassword(const QString &password)
// Blocking because we need to wait for the password to be changed before we
// can ask the user about also possibly changing their KWallet password
auto invocation = m_dbusIface->SetPassword(saltPassword(password), QString());
if (!invocation.isError()) {
auto mc = QDBusMessage::createMethodCall(m_dbusIface->service(), m_dbusIface->path(), m_dbusIface->interface(), "SetPassword");
mc.setArguments({saltPassword(password), QString()});
auto message = QDBusConnection::systemBus().call(mc);
// Not an error or invalid message
if (message.type() == QDBusMessage::ReplyMessage) {
Q_EMIT passwordSuccessfullyChanged();
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