Commit 9dba1a78 authored by Marco Martin's avatar Marco Martin
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proper form factor filtering

consider an applet acceptable for the formfactor if at least one
of its formfactors are contained in KDeclarative::runtimePlatform

or if either KDeclarative::runtimePlatform or applet formfactors
are empty.
(before informFactor failed if even one of the applet supported
formfactors was not in runtimePlatform

parent 35d48002
......@@ -279,12 +279,14 @@ void PlasmaAppletItemModel::populateModel(const QStringList &whatChanged)
return false;
bool inFormFactor = true;
static const auto formFactors = KDeclarative::KDeclarative::runtimePlatform();
// If runtimePlatformis not defined, accept everything
bool inFormFactor = formFactors.isEmpty();
for (const QString &formFactor : formFactors) {
if (!plugin.formFactors().isEmpty() && !plugin.formFactors().contains(formFactor)) {
inFormFactor = false;
if (plugin.formFactors().isEmpty() || plugin.formFactors().contains(formFactor)) {
inFormFactor = true;
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