Commit a136c4c6 authored by Eugene Popov's avatar Eugene Popov Committed by Nate Graham
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[applets/clipboard] Fix the alignment of delegate buttons

This commit fixes the alignment of the delegate buttons, which is sometimes
broken. As stated in the Qt docs, we should use AnchorChanges instead of
conditional bindings.

BUG: 437044
FIXED-IN: 5.22.4

(cherry picked from commit 9250c5ad)
parent 4a357eca
......@@ -118,11 +118,25 @@ PlasmaExtras.ListItem {
anchors {
right: label.right
top: menuItem.isTall? : undefined
verticalCenter: menuItem.isTall ? undefined : parent.verticalCenter
verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter
source: "DelegateToolButtons.qml"
active: menuItem.ListView.isCurrentItem
// It's not recommended to change anchors via conditional bindings, use AnchorChanges instead.
// See
states: [
State {
when: menuItem.isTall
AnchorChanges {
target: toolButtonsLoader
anchors.verticalCenter: undefined
onActiveChanged: {
if (active) {
// break binding, once it was loaded, never unload
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