Commit aaf9d475 authored by Noah Davis's avatar Noah Davis 🌵 Committed by Nate Graham
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digital-clock: fix calendar popup contrast when opened from desktop

BUG: 446991

(cherry picked from commit df558583)
parent cf3f13c4
......@@ -26,6 +26,9 @@ PlasmaExtras.Representation {
property int _minimumWidth: (calendar.showAgenda || calendar.showClocks) ? PlasmaCore.Units.gridUnit * 45 : PlasmaCore.Units.gridUnit * 22
property int _minimumHeight: PlasmaCore.Units.gridUnit * 25
PlasmaCore.ColorScope.inherit: false
PlasmaCore.ColorScope.colorGroup: PlasmaCore.Theme.NormalColorGroup
Layout.minimumWidth: _minimumWidth
Layout.minimumHeight: _minimumHeight
Layout.preferredWidth: _minimumWidth
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