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Fix build if QtQml was built with -no-qml-debug

I cross-compiling for the recently released Arm Morello boards and the
QtQml debugger is not yet compatible with CHERI-enabled architectures so
I had to build QtQml with -no-qml-debug.
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......@@ -56,9 +56,11 @@ void filterConnectionSyntaxWarning(QLoggingCategory *category)
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
#if QT_CONFIG(qml_debug)
if (qEnvironmentVariableIsSet("PLASMA_ENABLE_QML_DEBUG")) {
QQmlDebuggingEnabler debugger;
// Plasma scales itself to font DPI
// on X, where we don't have compositor scaling, this generally works fine.
// also there are bugs on older Qt, especially when it comes to fractional scaling
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