Commit ae43cd88 authored by Christophe Giboudeaux's avatar Christophe Giboudeaux Committed by Fabian Vogt
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Revert "krdb: Call xrdb with -nocpp" to fix gitk runtime errors

This commit was preventing gitk from starting with
'unknown color name "BACKGROUND"' errors.

This reverts commit d360e3dc.

(cherry picked from commit f0764d87)
parent c70b49d1
...@@ -493,11 +493,11 @@ void runRdb( uint flags ) ...@@ -493,11 +493,11 @@ void runRdb( uint flags )
tmpFile.flush(); tmpFile.flush();
KProcess proc; KProcess proc;
proc << QStringLiteral("xrdb") << QStringLiteral("-nocpp") #ifndef NDEBUG
#ifdef NDEBUG proc << QStringLiteral("xrdb") << QStringLiteral("-merge") << tmpFile.fileName();
<< QStringLiteral("-quiet") #else
proc << "xrdb" << "-quiet" << "-merge" << tmpFile.fileName();
#endif #endif
<< QStringLiteral("-merge") << tmpFile.fileName();
proc.execute(); proc.execute();
applyGtkStyles(exportColors, 1); applyGtkStyles(exportColors, 1);
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