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kcms/colors: remove dead code

We go through a bunch of effort to set m_applyToAlien, but then never
use it anywhere. It must not be very important here.
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......@@ -329,13 +329,6 @@ void KCMColors::load()
KConfig cfg(QStringLiteral("kcmdisplayrc"), KConfig::NoGlobals);
KConfigGroup group(m_config, "General");
group = KConfigGroup(&cfg, "X11");
m_applyToAlien = group.readEntry("exportKDEColors", true);
// If need save is true at the end of load() function, it will stay disabled forever.
// setSelectedScheme() call due to unexisting scheme name in kdeglobals will trigger a need to save.
// this following call ensure the apply button will work properly.
......@@ -101,8 +101,6 @@ private:
bool m_selectedSchemeDirty = false;
bool m_activeSchemeEdited = false;
bool m_applyToAlien = true;
QProcess *m_editDialogProcess = nullptr;
KSharedConfigPtr m_config;
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