Commit b37ab685 authored by Sergey Chupligin's avatar Sergey Chupligin Committed by Fushan Wen
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kcms/users: Fix missing template arguments before reply in FingerprintModel

(cherry picked from commit 6790f5eb)
parent 31a4cdd8
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......@@ -244,7 +244,7 @@ void FingerprintModel::clearFingerprints()
QStringList FingerprintModel::enrolledFingerprintsRaw()
if (deviceFound()) {
QDBusPendingReply reply = m_device->listEnrolledFingers(m_username);
QDBusPendingReply<QStringList> reply = m_device->listEnrolledFingers(m_username);
if (reply.isError()) {
// ignore net.reactivated.Fprint.Error.NoEnrolledPrints, as it shows up when there are no fingerprints
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