Commit b68a93ef authored by Niccolò Venerandi's avatar Niccolò Venerandi Committed by Nate Graham
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Make the panel's corner mask 1px smaller to avoid artifacts at the corners

This effectively applies the fix in
frameworks/plasma-framework!377 to
panels as well.

FIXED-IN: 5.26.1

(cherry picked from commit 999c3a0f)
parent 735f350c
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......@@ -1171,9 +1171,16 @@ void PanelView::updateMask()
if (rootObject) {
const QVariant maskProperty = rootObject->property("panelMask");
if (static_cast<QMetaType::Type>(maskProperty.type()) == QMetaType::QRegion) {
mask = maskProperty.value<QRegion>();
QRegion rawMask = maskProperty.value<QRegion>();
// This makes the mask slightly smaller than the frame. Since the svg will have antialiasing and the mask not,
// there will be artifacts at the corners. I make the mask smaller by moving by 1px in each direction and
// then intersecting.
mask = rawMask.translated(1, 1);
mask = mask.intersected(rawMask.translated(-1, 1));
mask = mask.intersected(rawMask.translated(-1, -1));
mask = mask.intersected(rawMask.translated(1, -1));
KWindowEffects::enableBlurBehind(this, m_theme.blurBehindEnabled(), mask);
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