Commit ba3c4d49 authored by Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham
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[applets/devicenotifier] Open Automount KCM with configure button

This applet no longer has a config window with any non-autogenerated
content in it, so it doesn't make sense for the configure button to open
that window rather than the Automount KCM. This is what most other
applets do nowadays; the Disks & Devices applet should be consistent.
parent bc0e0934
......@@ -263,11 +263,12 @@ Item {
if (devicenotifier.openAutomounterKcmAuthorized) {
plasmoid.setAction("openAutomounterKcm", i18nc("Open auto mounter kcm", "Configure Removable Devices..."), "configure")
plasmoid.setAction("configure", i18nc("Open auto mounter kcm", "Configure Removable Devices..."), "configure")
function action_openAutomounterKcm() {
function action_configure() {
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